The best sports betting system 2020

By | November 21, 2019

What is the best betting system?

While there are several sports betting programs out there, the ZCode System is the prime betting program. However, it is so much more. With over 13 years of experience, ZCode is an industry-standard source for sports investing and sports statistics.

Originally, the creators of ZCode spent years on Facebook, sharing their predictions and research. After years of live beta-testing, ZCode is now live as a full-fledged sporting statistic system.

As opposed to normal betting programs, ZCode does not look for winners and losers. It looks for value in a game, where you can make the most money with little risk.

ZCode is essentially a robot or a code. It tracks potential wins by performance alone and delivers critical information about the likely winner. With their informative summaries and ratings, you will have all the information you need for betting for games and outcomes.

ZCode pulls information for the WNBA, NBANHLMLB, NCAAB, Soccer, NCAAF, NFL, Horse Racing, and Esports. ZCode pays attention to these sports because they are popular and have a higher volume betting with bookies. Also, these sports ensure that ZCode can make a year-round profit.

How Does ZCode Work?

In reality, with ZCode, you are not gambling. They do not play with luck or chance, just with pure math and statistics. ZCode System boasts a success rate of 86.5%. They are miles ahead of other betting systems and for good reason.

The ZCode system uses an algorithm or an automated process that analyzes spending and winning patterns. Specifically, they measure over 80 different parameters for each sport. They measure player conditions, injuries, Home or Away team, rivalries, and more to calculate precise results for you.

To put it simply, the ZCode system uses an A-B-C betting procedure. With this procedure, you start with one betting unit. If you lose, then you increase to two units. If you lose again, you make it three betting units. If you lose a fourth time, the system resets and you start with one unit again.

The A-B-C procedure ensures the 86.5% success rate. However, the ZCode has more features that further your chances of winning.

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What Do You Get with ZCode?

The ZCode system comes fully stocked with every tool and guide imaginable. From prediction models and charts to guides, you will have everything you need to make successful bets.

The system includes an automatic prediction model, where a computer generates unbiased sports picks. They also present easy to follow winning trends. And every statistic or result is validated by advanced tests.

When you get a membership with ZCode, you get full instant access to their winning sports picks. ZCode is also there every step of the way to ensure you get the best out of their system.

If you are new to the betting scene, ZCode also provides comprehensive tutorials and guides. They will teach you how to use their winning predictions and how to properly apply them. As far as I can tell, ZCode is a consistent program that never fails to give you detailed and valuable information.

They also teach you how to manage the money you win. With ZCode, you have a full roadmap to extra income right at your fingertips.

How to Get Started with ZCode

The first thing you need to do is join ZCode and join one bookmaker. The bookmaker or bookie is the organization that accepts bets and pays the winnings for sporting events.

Fortunately, Z Code makes the bookie search process easier. ZCode provides a full list of bookies, their applicable information, and some reviews about their services. You want to find a bookie that supports the same teams as ZCode and provides the best odds.

After you find a bookie, you can start learning how to use ZCode to determine your betting plans. The creators of ZCode have actually created a comprehensive Quick Start Guide. It is highly suggested that you read through this guide more than once and watch their instructional videos.

It might take some time, but they walk you through the process of sports betting and how to be smart about placing your bets.

After you get a better grasp of the system, you can move on to following ZCode’s predictions and trends. For easier access, they have organized their hottest trend category under a tab on their website. These lists are manually updated by the websites admins so only the best winning systems end up there.

Other ZCode System Features

ZCode also offers different ways to make your bets. You can use their automatic robot picks or their expert picks.

The expert picks are manually created by people who make a living out of sports investing. It is a great advantage because they have 30+ years of experience and tell you exactly what bets to make and when.

You can also follow their “longest streak” or pick of the day contests on the forum. The forum is a great place to look for betting guidance. You essentially learn to build your own bankroll from other members who are in the same place as you are.

The ZCode Lab has also created a line of tools to support your sports investments. Some of the tools are a line reversal tool, a score predictor and a ZCode oscillator tool. These tools study any changes in betting systems so you can anticipate where the smart money is going.

Each method provides good opportunities to build a larger, long-term bankroll quickly. It is just up to you to try out the methods that work for you. Take the time to get comfortable with a system before you start making large bets.

ZCode System Pricing

ZCode was initially on public mode for a while. They would share their predictions and picks on their Facebook page for free. However, the system is now private and available to their VIP members only.

ZCode is currently charging $198/month for their VIP membership. This is a discounted price from their original price of $499/month. So, if you join now, you are getting all the benefits of ZCode at a lowered price.

Additionally, you are free to cancel at any time. If you choose to cancel, there is a full money back guarantee.

Another thing to note is that ZCode has limited membership spots. They limit the number of people able to join for the sake of the site’s functionality and integrity. Furthermore, if too many people use one system, the odds change, and it will become ineffective.

Pros & Cons


  1. ZCode takes the guessing out of betting and guides you every step of the way.
  2. ZCode has been ranked the number 1 betting program by consumers.
  3. Research and results are always transparent and thoroughly explained.
  4. ZCode is updated on a regular basis so you are always provided with cutting edge news and updates.
  5. ZCode tends to stay on top of any site updates and making sure everything runs smoothly.
  6. There is also constant support available, through staff, videos and tutorials.
  7. Cons:
  8. Some users have said that ZCode can be overwhelming with its amount of information.
  9. While it does offer a lot of assistance, ZCode does have a bit of a learning curve.
  10. ZCode does have a fairly steep subscription cost.
  11. There is limited space for people to join.


As you can see, ZCode’s advantages do weigh out its few disadvantages. ZCode is a favorable system because they do provide several safeguards to ensure you have a pay off. ZCode stands as, perhaps, the best betting system available because of how detailed and throrough they are.

True, the amount of information can be overwhelming at first. But I can tell you that you no longer have to settle for blind guesses.

Your bets can be informed by valid math and statistics. It is just a matter of finding the system that works for you.

Take your time with ZCode. When you make your first bet, you want it to be a smart one. So, let ZCode guide you and work its magic.

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